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How Safe Your Computer?

How Safe Your Computer?

Computer security is a field of computer science concerned with the control of risks related to computer use. The means traditionally taken to realize this objective is to attempt to create a trusted and secure computing platform, designed so that agents (users or programs) can only perform actions that have been allowed.

 This involves specifying and implementing a security policy.

The actions in question can be reduced to operations of access, modification and deletion.

Computer security can be seen as a subfield of security engineering, which looks at broader security issues in addition to computer security..

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Just when you think the battle of the Web browser has been won, the other side comes out with a new version that draws us into the war of words all over again. This time the culprit is Microsoft and Internet Explorer 8.


About IE 8 Screen Shot.

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Cyber security standards are security standards which enable organizations to practice safe security techniques in order to minimize the number of successful cyber security attacks.

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