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Google today announced the addition of a couple new features to its Google Mobile App for BlackBerry smartphones. The first addition is the Voice Search service, which as its name implies allows users to conduct searches with the sound of their voice, much like on the iPhone and Android-based T-Mobile G1. To do so, users simply need to hold down the Talk button and then speak any search term into the phone.

Google Voice on Blackberry

Google Voice on Blackberry

Google sees a number of uses for this new feature, such as to help resolve common spelling mistakes or simply to let users perform searches in situations where they can’t start typing – like when driving. Additionally, Voice Search can be used in tandem with My Location – the second new feature introduced today – in order bring up location based search results determined by the BlackBerry’s GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular triangulation. Saying ‘pizza’, for example, will provide local results as well as links to mapping information.

The updated Google Mobile App is available at m.google.com for all BlackBerry smartphones using OS 4.1 and higher with the voice feature needing at least OS version 4.2. The new Storm isn’t supported for some reason, though.


How Safe Your Computer?

How Safe Your Computer?

Computer security is a field of computer science concerned with the control of risks related to computer use. The means traditionally taken to realize this objective is to attempt to create a trusted and secure computing platform, designed so that agents (users or programs) can only perform actions that have been allowed.

 This involves specifying and implementing a security policy.

The actions in question can be reduced to operations of access, modification and deletion.

Computer security can be seen as a subfield of security engineering, which looks at broader security issues in addition to computer security..

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Cyber security standards are security standards which enable organizations to practice safe security techniques in order to minimize the number of successful cyber security attacks.

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