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The following list will help you optimize your Android phone and make it more beauty. Beautiful Widgets help you to decorate your phone and also satisfies your needs in a timely manner at a glance on the widgets. Here is the top 5 must have android applications.

Calendar Widget

Calendar Widget

1) Calender:
Android offers a beautiful Calender Widget which displays all your appointments on a single glance. It also communicates with your Gmail calender and brings up to your eyes on your smart phone. Isn’t Cool! You can also configure multiple Google Accounts and bring all your appointments in one place.

Power Control

Power Control

2) Power Control Widget:

One of the best widget available on android smart phones, where you can control the usage of the battery power on a tap. Just a tap away to enable WI-FI, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync Apps and also control the display of the screen. This is one of the widget which we commonly use in on our daily basis.



3) Facebook Widget:

On this busy world, social networking has brought us much closer, though we were unable to meet or catch up with your close friends, social networking site providers like Facebook, has brought us closer each other. This is one of the greatest app which i often use to update my status through android phone. A must have app which i recommend to have it on your Home Screen.

4) SMS Unread Count:

SMS Unread Count

SMS Unread Count

This is one of the greatest and little widget available from android market to display the unread count of messages or Gmail emails. This is a must have app and has customizations options for icons as well. Must use app, try it! It can also display zero count little bubble icon or notifier on top of your icon. You can glance the same on the screenshot.




5) Scoreboard:

A must have android app from google. This App will help you follow your favorite sporting team or individual right from your home screen. You got various options to select from the app, just try it. It’s a freeware available on the android market. Just search for Scoreboard in the market. Install and start using it, you will feel the difference.

Please leave your comments or feedback, so that i can improvise on my future blogs. My next review would be on the other 5 best and must have android applications. Soon focusing to get hands on with IOS device, will be publishing reports on that as well. Thanks for all your support.


A China-based cyber spy network has hacked into government and private systems in 103 countries, including those of many Indian embassies and the Dalai Lama, an Internet research group said here Saturday.

The Information Warfare Monitor (IWM), which carried out an extensive 10-month research on cyber spy activities emanating from China, said the hacked systems include the computers of Indian embassies and offices of the Dalai Lama.

Without identifying Indian embassies, the group said all evidence points to China as the source of this spy espionage.

The group said it has evidence that the hackers managed to install a software called malware on the compromised computers to steal sensitive documents, including those from the Dalai Lama’s offices.

The group began its research after Tibetan exiles made allegations of cyber spying by the Chinese.

After initial investigations when the group widened it research it found that the China-based cyber espionage had hacked computer systems of embassies of India, Pakistan, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea and many other countries.

In all, the hackers had gained access to 1,295 computer systems of foreign ministries of many countries, including Bhutan, Bangladesh, Latvia, Indonesia, Iran, and the Philippines, the researchers said.

After gaining access to foreign government and private computer systems, the hackers installed malware to exercise control over these computer systems to access any documents.

‘We have been told by the researchers that the Chinese hackers have gained access to our computers systems all over the world, and taken sensitive documents from the office of His Holiness (the Dalai Lama),’ Toronto-based Tibetan student leader Bhutila Karpoche told IANS.

She said, ‘Our website (studentsforafreetibet.org) has been repeated hacked, and we keep getting all kinds of viruses in our emails. This trend has increased in recent months, and we have become very wary about opening

our emails.’

The findings of the 10-month investigation titled ‘Tracking GhostNet:

Investigating a Cyber Espionage Network,’ will be released Monday.

Google today announced the addition of a couple new features to its Google Mobile App for BlackBerry smartphones. The first addition is the Voice Search service, which as its name implies allows users to conduct searches with the sound of their voice, much like on the iPhone and Android-based T-Mobile G1. To do so, users simply need to hold down the Talk button and then speak any search term into the phone.

Google Voice on Blackberry

Google Voice on Blackberry

Google sees a number of uses for this new feature, such as to help resolve common spelling mistakes or simply to let users perform searches in situations where they can’t start typing – like when driving. Additionally, Voice Search can be used in tandem with My Location – the second new feature introduced today – in order bring up location based search results determined by the BlackBerry’s GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular triangulation. Saying ‘pizza’, for example, will provide local results as well as links to mapping information.

The updated Google Mobile App is available at m.google.com for all BlackBerry smartphones using OS 4.1 and higher with the voice feature needing at least OS version 4.2. The new Storm isn’t supported for some reason, though.