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User Interface

This is one of the greatest and coolest update on android market to itself. I happened to note the user interface is so cool but not that much responsive, however it looks decent with more of green color and beautiful album art of the applications available in the market.

The category listed or specified seems to be a greatest stuff on it. Also noted there is a seperate category called widgets where you could find the applications which holds widgets. This is one of the greatest development, everyone should enjoy.

So what are you waiting for Swicth to ANDROID, On my next review will get you more upates and more applications.

Next publication is on 10 must have gadgets for your small business. We will have 2 options for each and every gadgets which i am going to review. Hope this should solve your small business needs. See you all soon! Thanks! Keep writing your comments!


Afraid of Scam

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