INFO NETZ SECURITY is a full-service information security consulting firm. Founded by Sathish Kumar.V,INFO NETZ Security Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses protect their valuable assets.
Information security is essential in order to prevent potentially costly and embarrassing security lapses.INFO NETZ Security Consulting provides detailed assessments of their clients’ entire security infrastructures to identify and eliminate any vulnerability.INFO NETZ Security Consulting bring their unique experience and the latest technology to address their clients’ vital security needs.

INFO NETZ Security Consulting works closely with its clients to address each client’s security concerns without disrupting their ability to do business.INFO NETZ Security Consulting services are not limited merely to identifying and recommending effective countermeasures such as patching existing security vulnerabilities. Rather, the company is dedicated to helping its clients develop and maintain an integrated security infrastructure that can prevent and minimize the effect of future security lapses.

Following its vulnerability assessment,INFO NETZ Security Consulting delivers a detailed written report to its clients advising them what systems were tested, which techniques were used, the public or proprietary tools and applications used in the “attack”, what vulnerabilities were detected, and recommendations for improving security.

Using his learned knowledge of computer and security vulnerabilities along with countless contacts in the field, founder Sathish Kumar.V has a unique perspective on how information security is truly achieved and can quickly show where the security holes are. What’s interesting is that Sathish often points out what computer vendors don’t want you to see – showing how systems are compromised in a way you would not expect.

“One cannot buy an expensive box and assume all problems are solved. It all comes down to worker training and constant, diligent efforts on the part of all workers in a company to achieve a reasonable level of information security.”